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packaging design

Designed as a Christmas present, this package helps engage family members through sight and touch to elevate the opening experience and atmosphere of the holiday season. It is beautifully designed as a sock package and serves not only as a protective layer but also as a piece of decoration.


3 weeks, Dec 2018


Solo Project


Ideation, Sketching, Prototype, Photoshoot

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 6.27.21 PM.png


Center triangular prism holds the socks and neatly presents them


The outer form of package resembles decoration balls on Christmas trees


The package design contains three pairs of socks with the Christmas color palette 


All sections are connected using tabs and slots, no glue are used


The package design uses recyclable E-flute corrugated cardboard that is environmentally friendly

the brief

Design a sock packaging for a specific audience that is environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing. Use one sheet of 16x24 E-flute corrugated cardboard with sections connecting using tabs and slots.

design process

To determine a specific audience for the gift packaging, I looked at the seasons and events for socks, holidays for gifting, and the existing packaging designs. After settling on the event and targeted audience, I refined the form of the product so that it requires fewer cardboard materials and is easier to assemble.


Since Christmas is about gifting and sharing, it is the perfect theme for sock package design. I targeted my audience toward anyone who enjoys socks or Christmas gifts in general and focused on the opening experience, presentation of the product, and after uses. Originally the bottom has six legs extended out like the shape of a star. However, after the initial prototype, I realized the form does not allow effective use of space. After refining the form, the final design takes the shape that resembles ornaments (with three legs on the bottom) and can be used as a container for candies after opening.


With several rounds of prototyping and testing, I found the right measurements for the tabs and slots, the form, and shape. I drew out the expanded view using illustrator, laser printed it on cardboard, and lastly assemble them into parts.

Artboard 1.png
Package Pattern2-01.jpg
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