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hoos hoo

Hoos Hoo is an HR managing tool that welcomes new employees onboard, helps learn about the company and their teams, and manages their work schedules. It allows quick and easy access to upcoming meetings and provides an avenue for forming meaningful relationships within the company.


11 weeks, Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

Joanne Chen, Lan Nguyen


Ideation, Usability testing, Wireframing, User interface, Design system, Hi-Fi prototype (responsive web)

internship project

Redesign and expand the Hoos Hoo app, a directory flash card-based experience for employees.


This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Mindgrub and redesign an existing hr app to help new employees learn about the teams and departments within the company. And we started out by looking at the original app and analyzing it.


At first glance, the app seems to be a simple flash card-based experience for new employees to review the company's departments and teams. There are only a few features that help newcomers learn about the company, it doesn't seem to be an app people would revisit often, and the design language doesn't match the existing brand.



After discussing with the team, we felt like adding fun elements and features, such as quizzes, leaderboards, and daily challenges, to the flashcards can be a way to enhance the playfulness and also give users an incentive to revisit the app more frequently. 

Daily Challenges (More In Depth)

We thought the app could generate a deck of employees as daily challenges. Users can take the quiz and see if they have remembered their coworkers' names, departments, and titles. Others will be able to see their progress and scores with a shared leaderboard.


design decision

We brought our initial design and showed it to the team. After discussing, we decided to expand the project scope because we could do more to help new employees onboard to the company. So the project took a turn here, and we started to think about the following question.

What features would best assist new employees onboard to the company while encourage seasoned employees to use on a daily basis?


We brainstormed possible solutions and talked to the engineering team to see what features were possible. In the end, we decided to include an onboarding process that would introduce the new employees to their coworkers, fun quizzes to test users' knowledge of their coworkers, and a work calendar with detailed information on the teams.

style tiles

At the meantime, I started to create 2 different style tiles for the different visual directions the product to go in. We then came back together as a team and decided to go with the look and feel of direction 2 because it is more scalable and fits with the brand more.

usability testing

With the built-out wireframes and just 1-2 weeks left during the internship, we conducted the usability testing with 5 employees from different departments within the company. We asked them to use our prototype while asking them questions to gain a better insight into the designs we have created.


  • 5/5 participants showed a positive response.

  • 5/5 expressed that the visual design was “welcoming”, “playful” and “exciting”.

  • 2/5 wished they could learn more about their direct reports, for example, their professional and personal interests.

  • 3/5 would like to take the quiz after completing the onboarding process. They considered it to be a fun activity.

  • 2/5 expected the calendar to be interactive.

We hope to include more functionality

  • Detailed Information of employees

  • Fun and easy quiz

  • Functional calendar

  • Integrated timesheet

design language

Lastly, I created the design language and system for Hoos Hoo. The document contains the UI components, variants, and other specs to create a complete and detailed hand-off document for the development team.


 — introducing —

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Hoos Hoo

an HR managing tool  that welcomes new employees onboard, helps learn about the company and their teams, and manages their work schedules.

learn about your team

As a new employee coming into Mindgrub, you will be given the link to Hoos Hoo web app. From there, you can explore the people that you will be closely working with, including your team, supervisor, supervisor's supervisor, and direct reports.

take a quiz

After learning about your coworkers, you can then take a short quiz as a fun exercise to find out if you have remembered your teammates correctly!

test your memory

colorful. playful. welcoming.

quick & easy quiz

view your next meeting

Within the website, you can access your work calendar with the integration of your work email. Here, you have detailed information about who will attend the meetings and important notifications.

view you next event's attendees

notify when someone joined or changed position

view coworkers title and department

coworkers info in detail

To contact your teammates, there is a directory page that includes all employees' contact info within Mindgrub. Simply click on their profile and connect through there.

find coworkers more easily with search & filters

scan coworkers' team and position

click to view full info & connect

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Hoos Hoo shows you your upcoming events and prepares you for them. You can see detail information of the attendees and connect with them beforehand.

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Hoos Hoo onboards new employees and introduces them to the people they will be working with closely, including their teams, supervisor, and direct reports.

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Hoos Hoo has a directory page that shows all the employees, departments, and titles. You can contact and connect with them.


Evan Reisberg

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Senior Interactive Designer at Mindgrub

... A lot of what separates design school from the agency world is not necessarily talent, but understanding certain processes and how and why we do things. There is always a little bit of a learning curve doing some tasks for the first time, but Joanne was not only willing to push herself to produce a given deliverable to the best of her ability, but she would also push to understand the process or why we would do things a certain way. This ultimately has had an impact on her as a designer as a whole. Watching her process improve and as result her designs improve that much more has been a rewarding experience to be a part of.


Joanne is an incredibly talented designer but she is also a willful collaborator. Often she would take it upon herself to collaborate with teammates to help better grasp a user flow or deliverable. There are a lot of seasoned designers that still struggle with collaboration and taking constructive criticism, where Joanne seems to be able to flex her strengths in these areas.


It has been a rewarding process seeing how much Joanne has grown and it truly feels like collaborating with a peer instead of a manager/intern relationship. She has added value to the team and all projects she has been able to get her hands on during the summer. I look forward to keeping in touch with her and am excited to see where her career goes!



Designing both mobile and desktop versions of the same application was a fun challenge. And from the process, I have learned to utilize different components that best fit the device’s user behavior to create a seamless experience across devices.


With the user testing sessions Lan and I have conducted, we believe there is room for expanding the application into a fully integrated work experience. Features include the ability to edit events on the calendar, input work hours, more detailed info of coworkers (Slack profile, current location, fun facts).