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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.


Hi! I’m Joanne, a student in the interaction design program at the University of Washington. I have a strong passion for user experience, visual design, and art direction. I love collaborating with people and creating designs that blend creativity, problem-solving, and empathy.


In the past, I have been working as a UI/UX design intern in the health care industry. This past summer, I worked as an Interactive Design Intern at Mindgrub. As a curious designer, I love to learn and grow every single day. Feel free to reach out and say hi!


  1. I've taken a two-week cycling trip (920km) around Taiwan during high school.

  2. I grew up in Taiwan then came to the US for college.

  3. I grew up drawing and doodling for fun.

  4. Currently, I have traveled to 15 countries. I love observing, appreciating, and being constantly inspired by the world!

  5. I love hiking and am continuing to go to beautiful trails in Seattle.

  6. I've played the piano for 10 years. 

  7. I'm pretty competitive when it comes to playing foosball.

  8. My Chinese name is Jouan, which has the same pronunciation as my English name Joanne.

  9. Collecting quirky phone cases and socks have been an ongoing hobby :))

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